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Forest of Imagination 2017

29th June to 2nd July 2017

Forest of Imagination is a four-day participatory, contemporary arts event and creative learning programme delivered by a collaborative team of local creative organisations in Bath. The event transforms a familiar public place into an inclusive space for contemporary creativity and intuitive play, offering an immersive experience for participants through interactive installations, artworks and workshops. Forest of Imagination is free and open to all.

Forest on the Edge: Forest of Imagination 2017 is aligned with the International Festival of Childhood and will run from 29th June to 2nd July 2017. The Forest of Imagination will run in parallel with this major conference with art and design installations located within the Edge Arts building and in the adjacent Bushey Norwood, a National Trust meadow. The objective will be to create an engaging and thought-provoking series of experiences for all ages, with an emphasis on the worlds experienced by young children through the overarching themes of the conference and the imaginative framework for inclusive participation: ‘Where we feel at home’

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